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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The city of dreams. The city full of life. The city for the rich and the poor. The city that never sleeps. The city with super natural resilience. The city of seven islands. Mumbai. Living in mumbai for more than 2 decades never thought of ending my association with it(though its a temporary one). But now the time has come for me to shift my base to manipal. A move for a cause. A move to make a career. A move in search of a new cheese. 

So here I am enjoying my last few days in mumbai. Enjoyin the showers. Hogging on the roadside bhuttas n chaats. Watching the crowded streets n the busy malls. 

I am surely gonna miss My Love.  Gonna miss my family n my friends. A big goodbye to all. And my association with the city….

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