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The WHY is so important....

A friend casually asked the other day, "Why do you share your experiences? Why do you think people might want to read it?"

I said it is important for you to understand why I write these blogs.

"I write to help myself. To narrate my story, and share my perspective and I believe that depite all our uniqueness and differences, we are all the same fundamentally".

The one person I want my blogs to help is myself, to start with. It gives me clarity. It helps me express my emotions better. It helps me think and feel and understand myself better.

And how does it help others in the process?

It is simple: Help yourself first, in order to help others. Love yourself first, so that you can love others. And feel your experience, before trying to understand others.

I share what I experience in my personal life. And how I look at it and respond or react to it. What I learn from it and how it helps me grow. I write about stuff that I feel are important and how often we miss out on those important observations and realisations. Reflecting on it very late or maybe never. I write so that I document my observations and learning. And if that resonates with people and if helps them to bring a change in their life then I'm the happiest.

There are so many writings on the internet to a point that there is information overload. I feel that people like to read real stories; if I don't relate to what I am writing how can I be authentic with it.

I keep it real. Vulnerable. For people to relate with it and not to make it an artificial good read.

Why is it important for me to share this with you?

Let me tell you: Purpose is the fire within you to deliver a greater value. Whatever you are trying to build: Blog site or business or at job or a craft should be tied in to the inherent purpose with which you envisaged it. It needs to start with the WHY?

If your WHY is to pander to others, then I wish you the best.Pandering never leads into building anything worthwhile.

You can't ignite your fire for long, on borrowed fuel. Your purpose must be self reliant and self sustained.

You are here to serve your purpose, find your meaning; not to satisfy the crowd. If what you do is of value, the crowd will gather. Be a person of value, you will automatically become an influencer.

So, in the end I would like to tell you that whatever you want to do with your life I recommend Ask the WHY early so that you save on time later.

- Take a pen and paper (or use your phone notes or laptop) to write what you think or feel

- Keep writing till your mind/heart is at rest

- When you are done, you will clearly know what your mind/heart wants.

- I follow my heart. This has helped me so far.

- I care for you. I won't share things that hasn't helped me.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Amit Ahlawat
Amit Ahlawat
Nov 28, 2020


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