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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right,” - Henry Ford.

I came across a variation of this quote when I was watching an informal chat of one of my favourite modern day Indian cricketer - Rohit Sharma.

He was asked whether he felt he'd be able to make a comeback after being not selected for the 2011 WC. And he said, and to paraphrase, the day you feel you won't is the day you are done. You have to believe. You cant't without having the belief.

Stresses how important mindset is to become who we want to be or do what we to do.

Arguably, the most differentiating ingredient if we assume hard work is a given.

This is true. Not just for sportspersons and athletes but each one of us.

I am leaving you today with a poem that reflects the importance of mindset in words I can never come up with.

Keep this handy. May be put it on the wall.

Read it when you are in doubt.

Read it when someone tells you - You Can't.

Read it when you don't have a hand on your shoulder to tell you - You Can.

Read it when you are under confident.

Read it when you are punched down and you feel you can't get up.

Read it when you fail, momentarily.

Read it when you are not in your comfort zone.

Read it when you are doing something you have not done before.

Read it when they tell you - You're no good.

And more importantly, read it out loud when you come across someone who needs to hear this.

Today is a day of victory of good over evil. I wish you the best and plenty of all that you think is good for you!

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