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A Zen Koan.... Tell me what you think of it!

Friday is back. And so am I.

Strangely, this time it felt like the earth took longer to rotate. The Friday took longer than usual to knock the doors!

I love Fridays. Not just because it's the start of the weekend or end of the work week but also because I get to spend my dedicated focus time on what I love - writing.

I have something interesting this time around.

I am going to leave you with a riddle (not really!). But something that is paradoxical. I invite you to share your understanding and interpretations of it.

I will share a Zen Koan. A 'Koan' is a paradoxical anecdote or statement especially in the buddhist practice, made to encourage deep thinking or doubt. I feel it is a form of exploration.

So here is the first Koan:

"In the beginning, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers; later on, mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers; 
and still later, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers.”

Tell me what you think of this?

Write back to me.

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