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Are we the loneliest generation?

The recent viral post of a 24 year young boy feeling lonely and saturated in life is a poignant reminder of the disconnect and mechanical lives being led these days. Despite his professional success, he is unable to find fulfilment or a sense of belonging. He is not alone to feel this way. There are millions like him.

This disconnect is a reflection of our disconnection from the universe within us and the people around us. We have become so focused on our individual goals and achievements that we have forgotten the importance of human connection and intimacy.

So, what's going wrong? Are we the loneliest generation?

Interestingly, many in the comments on the post recommended to use dating apps to meet new people. Thats another phenomenon worldwide. But we have to ask ourselves this dependence on the dating apps and online dating, which no doubt has made it easier than ever to meet new people, has it made it too easy? It has led to a culture of unemotional dating, where people swipe through profiles without really connecting with the person on the other side. I am not being judgmental here. To each their own. I am stating my observations from what i see around and from a recent study which reported that the reliance on these apps has created a FOMO syndrome among this generation and has even highlighted how people who visit new cities even for a couple of days, feel the need to use these apps to meet new people instead of staying connected and putting efforts in their existing communities. Signifying, the easiness of connect and moving on rather than putting efforts to build lasting relationships thereby causing a sense of loneliness.

While technology has brought the world closer, it has actually taken us far from ourselves and from the realities. The increasing need for Social media validation, to show the world how happy we are would possibly be added as a disease in the years to come.

The world is changing around us with technology making life easy, as it should. But let us not for even a minute forget that technology is just a medium. Let us not forget the importance of real human connections, and that relationships need efforts to be preserved through good days and the tough days. It's not as easy as swiping fingers on a screen.

Also perhaps, in our pursuit of success and material gain, we have forgotten the importance of real connection and community. We have become disconnected from the universe within us and from the people around us. Everyone is in the race to be Financially Independent and Retire early. Nothing wrong in that, absolutely, but where is the quality of living factored in that? And so many of us go through these fleeting moments of feeling disconnected due to our mechanical lives.

I guess this needs serious rethink of how we lead our lives. After all, YOLO.

Is it worth living unhappy?

Why do we take it for granted or lightly?

Why do we settle for things lesser than what's meant for us?

What are we scared of or what's holding us back?

Are we intentionally being oblivious of the truth Or are we overthinking and complicating things

I will let you decide for yourself.

Call me an eternal optimist. For I believe, we are all interconnected and our tiniest of actions have a ripple effect not just on our lives but on lives around the world. We can use our success and resources to help others, to create positive change in the world, and to build meaningful relationships with those around us. Without much efforts, just by being kind.

Because at the end of the day, it's not about how much we have, but about how we use what we have to make a difference in the world.

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