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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Last few days have been interesting – full of varied emotions. Excitement of staying home but frustrated of not having the choice to step out, having the entire day at disposal but not having the required discipline to structure the day, many connects but not a single in-person, more family time but spending it talking about Covid-19 news…

But this week, thanks to the decision to restart broadcasting of Indian epics – Mahabharat and Ramayana, we have new topics to discuss.. (yes, newer things emerge despite having watched it so many times)…

One of the conversations revolved around how back in the 90’s we had a small tiny house, joint family staying together, a black and white tv but enjoying every weekend watching these epics. And how after every episode we children would ask so many questions about these epics. Mom was telling how we cousins would fight to be either a Krishna, or an Arjuna or a Karna, or a Sita in the role play at home. Well, this will resonate with many of you as well. It would have happened at your homes, in your families.

It then stuck to me then how as children we were always curious to know more, asked questions without thinking, were bold, active, fun. And how after a point we stopped being a child.

We grew up to become fine adults and became the exact opposite of what children are –

  1. we don’t ask what’s on our mind as we fear being judged. We don’t want to be laughed at. So what, if we keep it within ourselves all our life and burden ourselves with it. Ask questions like a child

  2. we are less curious as we think we know more due to our education and our experiences and as if we are in some competition to show the world that we know it all. Be curious like a child

  3. scared of many things – our next move, our previous move, decisions of our past, decisions to be taken in future. Never in the now, always in yesterday or tomorrow. Be bold like a child

  4. remember how when friends used to make a plan to play gully cricket, or marbles or just go for a walk, there used to be always a yes from us. But today when someone asks us, it always starts with a No because of course we are busy with our work or scrolling through pages to see how happy others are on social media or watching hate-spewing and morose news. Be a Yes person like a child

  5. how we are risk averse to try something new as we don’t want to fall / fail. Go ahead, fall while playing and wear those scars like a badge of honor like a child

  6. most times we are self-pitying or complaining about some thing or the other becoming an obstacle for our progress, always playing victim. Play a Hero or a Heroine in your story like a child

People have their views about rebroadcasting these epics but if this results in us having a good time, forgetting our worries for a bit, reliving our childhood and reviewing our adulthood then I say it’s all worth it!

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