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Are you a FRIENDS fan? If yes, then I'm sure you'd have watched the "The Reunion" as soon as it released.

If you haven't watched yet, please do.

I loved it. The warmth, the camaraderie, and the memories.

Reminded me of the wonderful time with my friends. And how much I miss that. The chit-chats, and pranks, the trips and sleepovers, the egos and the fights, the excited Hi's and the painful Bye's.

What would I give to go back to relive those lovely moments. And the ones when I had the opportunity but didn't make the best of it.

It feels even more now during the pandemic when we don't even have the opportunity to do all of what we did or we could have done. Today, when we battle to just get through these tough times, we are grounded and want just the basics. Best of health for our close ones and live to create more wonderful memories. Other things have taken a backseat, mostly.

But as they we are all wiser in hindsight.

It is important what we do with the time we have.

The one thing I learned in the last one year is how important friends are during these tough times. Just to have a hearty laugh, feeling cared and loved. If not for anything, at least to talk to when the chips are down.

Whether you became friends at school, or college or at work or at the gym or the bar. Doesn't matter.

They are the family bonded not due to blood but the want to stay together - despite and inspire of all the quirks.

Just waiting for things to get better so that it's time to realise the plans that were put in the back burner for long for whatever.

To not postpone that catch up or ignore that text. To go for that stupid movie, nevertheless. To take that unplanned trip. To sit by the beach or on top of the hills. Make memories.

As I write this I just had a one and half hour call with a friend talking about the good old days at work and what amazing memories we shared. These are the moments we live for.

We will see through this, together.

Have a great weekend!

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