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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Around 151000 people didn’t wake up (won’t wake up) to see today’s sunrise. That’s the daily statistics.

Was startled when I got to know this. So many of them wouldn’t have realized this was (will) be their last day.

While we were (are) busy about so many things not going the way we would have wanted, how easily we have forgotten that we have today to shape it the way we want to.  And to realize, it’s this moment is all that we have!

So, it’s important we figure out how we want to live? Living it being grateful for what we have, living it joyfully, aspiring for greater things, dreaming bigger dreams, imagining the future we could build for ourselves. Or thinking and talking about all those things that make us unhappy, negative, blinds us from what we have…

We have hundred things to be #Ungrateful for, but we have this one most important reason to be #Grateful for – being alive this moment! Make it your best moment!

Which Queue would you want to stand in?

Simple exercise:

  1. Before going to bed, take a moment to thank the universe for all the good things that happened to you today

  2. Note it down

  3. Do this for a month

  4. See the difference….

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