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Human connections

I had my appraisal today and discussion on promotion for my functions. More importantly annual catch up and Connect.

There is something about personal meeting that no technology can substitute. You talk to the real person and understand them more closely than you would in a virtual. It's a real feel good factor to meet.

The world is enamoured by virtual working and remote lifestyle. I for one feel this will hamper the society more than it benefits it.

I met the people who helped me with my IT problems to one who ensured I feel safe when I attend office to ones who are responsible to decide on how we operate. One common thing I felt is the empathy to serve and help people and the vulnerability which is hidden when we connect on calls and on video. This makes us real. This makes us connect.

I can't emphasize on the power of human connections in this future of work. It is upto us to define how much emotionally involved we all are.

To people still on the fences I would suggest, go mingle with people, build those rapport, connect on an emotional level. This makes us human. We were made for this.

Yesterday I went out for a dinner and met someone for the first time. But it didn't feel like that. We felt connected and that was good enough to have an awesome evening.

There is no replacement to being human. So don't try to be anything else.

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