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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I was in Mumbai for a school re-union. Met some of my friends after 15 years. As we got into conversations, one of them asked me “So, long time, how’s life.. Ssup with you?”

And I casually responded, “All well yaar. Working with Infosys as an HR manager.. Ssup with you?”

Friend: “Chilling, back from a month long vacation, writing a book, hoping to get published, a father to a two year old princess..

Me: “Oh cool.. but what you doing these days?”

Friend: “am doing exactly what I just told you..” (gave me a oh-you-so-dumb look)

Me: “no, I mean work? What you doing professionally?”

Friend: “Oh ya.. I’m working with XYZ Corp.. but that’s not all that I do in life…”

His final line made me think. Spending almost a decade in corporate life, have I forgotten stuff beyond work? Have I let it define me?

  1. What’s my identity?

  2. Am I labeling my life with my work?

  3. Who am I outside the gates of my office?

While I’m still working on my introduction line, what about you? Have you also fallen into this trap? Or have you figured out the infinite You?

If you think you too are in the same boat as I, here’s a small exercise:

  1. Ask your friends (outside of work) to define you in one word

  2. Ask your family

  3. Finally, think for yourself of words that define you (not just the work you)

  4. Use it the next time when someone asks “How’s life.. Ssup with you?”

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