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Intriguing Question!

One of my ex-team members sent me the below text on WhatsApp.

Is Passion crucial to be successful? What if I am not passionate about what I do and not very good at what I am passionate about?

I like such intriguing questions. I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded with people who randomly text me such questions. Makes me think and wonder. Two of the many things I enjoy in life.

So I answered the below

- To be successful it is important to be good at what you do. (Success means different things for different people)

- If you are passionate about what you do then it is an advantage as you'll be more invested in doing it

- But passion is not necessary to be successful

This is my humble opinion. Would love to hear your thoughts. Do write back to me if you agree or if you feel otherwise.

I feel it is important to know what we want to do.

And what we like to do.

The latter is easier than the former in my opinion. I don't know which one precedes the other.

The more these 2 intersect the higher the satisfaction.

Now, if you want to make a career out of it (earn money) then you got to be good at it. Else, why would someone pay you. So, you do more of what you like and want to do to get better (good).

The sweetest spot is the intersection of all the three - Want to do, Good at it & Earn from it.

{sorry for the pathetic illustration but couldn't create better than this}

It takes people decades to figure out what they want or what they are good at before they could think of earning from it. It is important to be patient.

Big Question: How do I know what I want to do?

Hmm.. fair enough. May be start with thinking of either what you are good at and/or what you like to do.

Next Question: I am good at lazing. But I can't make a career out of it. Then what?

Great question. Remember, career is where you make money. At least that's one of the most important aspects. So think of something else that you are good at and like to do.

Another Question: I am good at my work but I don't like it. Shall I continue with it as my career?

Wow, this one is a real bouncer!

So you are good at something but you don't like doing it. You do it because it helps you pay your bills and sustain a lifestyle.

Hmm.. One, there is nothing wrong with it. Two, If you are bored of it and can't do it anymore then go back to asking what you like to do which you are good at and has earning possibilities.

Start here.

  • Figure out what you like to do or what you are good at.

  • Based on the above, do until you start liking it or if you like it already then until you become really good at it.

  • Start a side hustle to see how long you can sustain.

  • If you make money and enjoy doing it then decide on taking the plunge.

Remember, Passion is the enjoy part. Actually it is much more. You can cook without adding salt and spices, but you know the outcome would be bland. Passion is that spice you add to make it tastier.

To read more on my amateur thoughts on passion:

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