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Loss. And Grace.

Last few months flew by rather quickly. And they were anything but boring. Some good moments felt like wins, and some hard moments felt like defeats. I chanced upon the below quote, from one of boxings most talked about upsets, whilst reflecting on how these hard moments make us feel about the good ones. I don't know what you feel about it, but it helped me get some perspectives.

Mike Tyson confesses about his defeat against Buster Douglas:

"Buster was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I was so stressed out being the champ, my hair was falling out. I was stressed out, but l was playing it out like I was a hard guy... scared to death little kid and you've got the whole sport on your back. Everyone is trying to get your money

they're trying to sue you. "Whew! Relief! It happened? It's over...? Losing's not that bad. Now I'm even a better fighter because I'm not 'afraid' to lose.

"You know what Buster did for me and to the world? He made me human. I wasn't an animal savage. It made me human and it made me a better fighter. Now, I'll do things that I'd never do before, take chances."

- Mike Tyson

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