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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I was watching this video of Sadhguru where he was asked why do we need Gurus? And in his trademark style, he explained using the analogy of GPS.

GPS helps us navigate in unfamiliar terrains. And that he says is the role of a Guru. They are the GPS when people need guidance.

GPS = Guru Positioning system! (Big fan of Sadhguru)

Well, although funny, it is quite deep! At work, managers are the GPS. Period

I don’t say that a manager must guide at every step.

Take left from your non-comfort zone. Take right to do as I want you to. Or Now take a U-turn coz it’s all messed up. No, I don’t mean that.

But when you’re stuck in an unfamiliar scenario, never before faced circumstance, a manager is that reassuring voice and guide who will either help you reach your destination or get you to a path from where you can resume your journey.

This is what makes a great manager. A great leader. A guru.

I have always had the fortune of working with good managers. People who invested in me. People who cared for me. People who at most times didn’t let me fall or go astray. And the only way I can repay is by being that guide to my team.

If you think, it is difficult to be that guide then let me tell you, Yes, it is. You need to spend time with your people to know them. Each might have different starting points and even if their starting points are the same, their destination would be different. As a manager one needs to know that the path, they have taken for themselves is not necessarily the path that they need to recommend.

  1. There is no one way to reach a destination – Some want to explore tough terrains while some want easier and safer routes. Know this before setting them up on a journey.

  2. The reference points are different – Why they want to reach there is very important. They want to reach there just to feel the thrill.

  3. The speeds are different – Some start slow and then pick up. Some want to take a long drive. Know it, it’s their journey. You’re just the guide. Caution them but don’t do the journey for them

Some want to be the fastest to reach while others want to reach there and more importantly pick important learnings and experiences on their journey.

And if you are looking for a GPS be aware that sometimes even GPS’ go wrong like in the picture.

Pick your GPS wisely.

How to do that?

  1. Trust.

  2. Take a chance. It’s luck. It’s serendipity.

  3. Try to know them, their ways. Know why they have that thought process.

  4. If you pick a wrong one, don’t lose hope.

  5. Try again. One great guide can change your life. Keep looking out for that one guide.

  6. When you find one, don’t let go.

  7. Be that guide to someone

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