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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Last week, I wrote about childhood and the reminisces of the past. We learn so many things in the hindsight and how often we keep reading about what people want to tell their younger self.. while the intent is to share experience and help others also to learn from their lives.. but people have their individual journeys, their successes, their mistakes, their failures and their learnings so why would they want to read what someone else would want to tell their younger self…

The time once lost is lost forever!

But we have today and we might have tomorrow… In life, we regret what we didn’t do more than what we did… So, it is important to talk about what we do today so that if we see tomorrow we don’t regret about having not done it when we had time… so I want to tell my future self about a time that changed me and my generation.

Here’s a Note to my Future Self.



If you’re reading this then am sure you’re grateful for what life has given you. It’s been 10 years to this day that I wrote this note to tell you about the time when our life had changed suddenly. We were hit by an unexpected crisis called Covid – 19 (I preferred calling it Not learning from the Past).

To start with we took it lightly until we were forced to stay home and that’s when we realized how serious it was. There were days of anxiety and helplessness which later turned into gratitude towards what life gave us and to the people who deserved it and helped us prioritize our life goals and in understanding what’s really important in life. We started living more consciously. Let me tell you what it taught me and what I did to help you become what you’re today.

  1. We had to stay indoors – It gave me time to go inwards – reflect and introspect which brought clarity. Got used to solitude and facing my fears. The calm and sorted you would be grateful for this.

  2. We had to work from home – This meant we could meet people only virtually. It brought back the habit of picking up the phone and calling people to know how they were doing. The thoughtful you would want to thank this opportunity.

  3. We couldn’t shop or buy most things we wanted but thankfully had access to all things we needed – I decided to adopt this approach to my life. Striving hard to get what I needed and be grateful once I got it. I had less things, less wants and yes, saved some money. The minimalist and somewhat rich you would value having less wants.

  4. Got time to pick new habits – I picked the habit of reading 15 pages every day. I learnt so much from those treasures. Did 20 minutes of exercise and meditation. It helped me adopt a fit lifestyle. The curious learner and the healthy you would like to forever stay seeker of knowledge and fit.

  5. Got to doing things I had never done before – The food that you cook today was inedible the day I first tried it. But I started somewhere. And I loved doing it.

  6. People connect – there were anxieties and frustrations. Not just for me but also for people close to me. We got to talking to each other more often. It became better. We have stayed like this for last so many years. The social and caring you would realize how important it is to have people around and to be around someone.

  7. Heroes – We were in the habit of celebrating actors and superheroes but the ones who saved us back then were the doctors, medical staff, people who delivered our necessities, people who ensured we stayed indoors, people who ensured we lived in a clean locality, people who brought positivity, people who taught us to be thankful to all of them. The grateful you would know that it’s not the roles and designations but what we do that makes us a hero.

I know you would learn a lot from this and be proud of where you have reached. I want to tell you that it took me 10 years of doing all of this every day to help you become what you are today. You’re still young. I suggest you to write a note to your future self and tell him what you did and help him reach the place he loves being.

What I also learnt was that technology supported me in sending this Note to my future self. On Gmail, there is an option to schedule sending mails to a later date. (There’s an arrow next to send. Click “Schedule” in the drop down. Pick a date. Set the date to 10 years in the future and hit send).

PS: Do you still write WTFriday? I know you do 😊 I kept it going.


Your Naïve Past

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