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Of grief and strength and a lot of everything and nothing....

"Before I could remotely recover from my grief, it struck again and then again. But I have to be strong for my kids now. I don't have an option, I have to learn to live with it".

I can't forget this line.

I just got off a call with someone who in the last one year has lost three members of her family - her husband, her mother and now her father.

I couldn't imagine what this person must be going through!

I didn't have enough words to get into this conversation. I'm still at loss of words and emotions.

I feel a sense of paradox. My mind is clouded now with bouts of numbness and gush of thoughts.

Sharing it here as I'm experiencing it:

  • We work so hard towards a plan and then life has its own plan for us!

  • Life is unfair.

  • How can one get past the tragedy of this magnitude?

  • How can you give hope to someone who faces such a tragedy?

  • How can the person be both - in grief and yet be so strong?

  • Is there a limit to human endurance?

  • When someone around you passes on then do we only lose them or is there more that we lose - a part of us, our identity, purpose, drive, comprehension, strength...

I have no answers. I guess nobody does.

I also feel that this incident puts many things in a certain perspective.

  • Valuing the moment. There is no permanence.

  • Being grateful. There is far worse happening in the world.

  • Being vulnerable. Knowing it is ok to be in grief. In fact it is important to grieve, so that you can be past it.

  • Life goes on. There is always something to live for.

"When it rains, there is only rain;
When the clouds pass, the Sun promises to shine" 
- Lao Tzu

For now, I'll use my heart more than my mind to just pray for her and hope she gets all the strength required to overcome the losses.

May the clouds pass and the sun shines for her. For long.

I hope you'd join me in sending prayers too!

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Preeti Iatia
Preeti Iatia
19 Eyl 2022

Have always struggled with this situation as well, wishing there was some way to console a person, but everything would be fruitless(dont know). Maybe just let the person know that you are there...My prayers join yours.

19 Eyl 2022
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Yes that's the best I could do! Thank you for your prayers. Best regards

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