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One step forward, two steps backwards...

As a country we are back to where we were in terms of our covid numbers. The numbers were down and we were hoping that things are getting better. But we are seeing a V shaped pattern in rising numbers. Clocking 1 lac cases per day. It's Worrisome yet I'm not surprised.

This phenomenon is very similar to what happens in our individual lives. I will share some examples.

- Has it happened to you ever that you were on a strict diet and strict with your workout plan and losing the extra KGs but after a few weeks start gaining again. Relatable, no?

Ok, one more.

- You decide to save more money and reduce your expenses. It's all going well but then suddenly you see that stuff online which you want but don't need and end up spending.

If you observe, it all starts with breaking the habit of inconvenience and embracing convenience.

You'll see it more closely when you're putting efforts at work, or with a new hobby or in relationships, we tend to go back to the convenience by breaking the discipline.

I feel this could be for a few reasons:

  1. Your heart was never in it so it became easy to break away.

  2. You took progress for granted.

  3. You were focussing on cosmetic changes rather than fundamental changes.

Now, i don't know which one to attribute for rising covid cases. But I won't be surprised if it's one of the above. What I'm sure is for most of our indisciplined behaviour in our personal life, it is one of the above that leads us to indiscipline.

I tell myself when I can't get up to workout everyday that it's because I didn't get into that habit from the childhood. But the same me is disciplined to write a blog every Friday. I can lie to myself all I want but I know it's one of the above 3 reasons which makes me stay lazy.

So, with this knowledge now, how do we ensure we don't break the discipline. It's not easy but what's the fun in doing easy things.

- First thing, tell your mind and heart that this is for your good. They listen to what we tell them.

- Practice tough love. Be hard on yourself.

- have goals and track progress. Even no progress is fine as long as the efforts are in the right direction.

- Don't give up. You give up for a day and you know that now it's ok to break away whenever you feel like. Remember, tough love.

- make it public. If you have friends who will make fun of you, then you're lucky. That's going to motivate you for sure.

- lastly, the fruits of labour are always sweet! Atleast for the rewards sake continue with the discipline.

I'm myself on this journey and find it incredibly difficult but I'm not the one to give up!

There's only one way. It's forward.

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