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Open a new type of savings account! You won't regret!

This is not about money or finance!

"A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man wants only one" - Confucius.

There is no limit to what we want and desire when we are healthy but beyond all this when health is falling apart what we need is only health to survive and live.

This quote is possibly more understandable in today's context.

I feel this applies to aspects beyond health. We all have so many desires. There is no end to it. And it's also true that we will never get everything we want. Ever.

How we handle ourselves when we don't get what we desire is an essential indicator of how our life would be! We can either sulk about it and do no good to ourselves or be content with what we have and move on!

Thereby, I ask you to create a Personal Content(ment) Savings Account.

This account works just like your savings account.

You put money in your savings account after you have spent whatever you had to.

You keep accumulating your savings.

In case of an emergency, you withdraw how much ever you need.

And then again keep building your savings.

Over years, it compounds.

Here, you need a good discipline to ensure you spend less so that you save more.

Your Personal Content(ment) Savings Account is a non-monetary account.

You account for things that gave you contentment and/or happiness.

You keep accumulating all the stuff that made you happy or gave a feel of content.

If you feel unhappy or discontent when you don't get what you wanted, you withdraw from the savings you have made so far.

And, again keep adding based on things that make you feel content and/or happy.

Here, your savings will depend on how grateful you are for what you have or have got.

The most important part is like your savings account, this one also compounds. And some great people have said that its your Karma (action) that will define your rewards. So you even know how to add your savings of contentment and happiness!

Do you think you'll regret opening this account?

Do let me know!

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