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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

It’s already been a week of a much deserved break after saying goodbye to my employer. Initially I wasn’t sure how I’ll be spending this time at home and was contemplating advancing my joining date with my next employer but I’m glad I took some time off.

The first day I woke up late. It felt good. After a lazy half day, I took out a pencil and a paper and started what I call “Look Back Think Forward” technique.

It’s simple, I took a pause from whatever I was thinking and doing that moment and looked back at my life in two frames. One before that moment and one from there on. I asked myself questions with regards to each of the frames and was honest while answering it.

Given the context was moving jobs, it was important for me to look back and think forward from that perspective. I asked myself the below questions:

1. What do you think you did well?

2. What do you think you could have changed?

3. What do you think you’d want to do differently/continue doing?

I answered them as honestly as possible.

1. Being fearless and clear in what I wanted. Focusing on building honest and genuine networks and relationships. Being a Giver.

2. Trying to control things that were beyond my control

3. Staying fearless and focusing my energies on things that are in my control. Continue building networks and relationships and being a Giver. Being less worried about the outcomes and instead focusing on my Karma (action)

This helped. To Pause. To Reflect and chart my course for the new journey.

Eventually, I used this technique on other aspects of my life: finance, and personal growth. Been pushing the health aspect a bit but I’m sure I’ll hit the pause button on that pretty soon.

Well, while I was doing this it occurred to me that I could have hit this pause button anytime. I didn’t need a break between jobs to do it. But I certainly needed a break from whatever I was doing. Essentially, calling time off to look back and think forward. It helped getting perspectives.

So while you’re reading this, ask yourself: Is it time for me to hit the pause button?

Go on and be honest.

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