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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” I told my friend.

My friends are here from Pune and we are meeting after a longggg time. While everyone is chit-chatting, I tried to slyly pick my laptop out to do my Friday ritual of WTFriday.. And well yeah they figured out that I am trying to work even when I’m off from work today.

They tried really hard to convince me.

One said – it’s ok people will understand that you were on leave.

I said “I’m not doing it for them, I do this for myself.”

The other said – Send it on Monday. Big deal.

I said “its WTFridayyy for a reason.. “

Another one said – dude, stop being a loser. (yeah millennial terminology for someone trying hard to do something right 😃 😝)

I rolled my eyes and replied “whatevaaaa” (another millennial term 😃)

And my best friend told me – you know you are overdoing it now…

To which I told her, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

The rituals we have decided for ourselves, the ones that are dear to us are like sacred vows we take.

No matter what happens,  don’t given up on them.

You break a ritual, you create space for an excuse.

And the moment that space is created, you are no more the same person.

I guess I’ve driven the point I wanted to make. Not to them. Not to you all. But just to me. Coz it’s WTFridayyyy.. and I love doing it.

This might not be the best thing I would have written, but it’s not so much about the likes but about writing.

If you have a ritual, don’t give up on them. Make it sacred! We are after all creatures of our habits.

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