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Harivanshrai bacchan beautifully said:

"Jo Mann se mile woh accha

Aur jo na mile woh aur bhi accha

Kyunki woh ishwar ke mann se hai"...

With age and maturity I'm getting to realise more that the most important things in life are beyond your control. You can try. Strive. Die. But it will happen the way it's supposed to be.

Don't fight your destiny. I don't mean to say that surrender yourself. You can and you may. But don't get disappointed. End of the day i have strongly come to believe that Jo hona hai woh hoga.

Then you'll ask me, Swami how do we deal with things that happen to us. Fair enough.

I would say that what has to happen will happen. I mean What are we? In the larger scheme of things? Yet we are something in the scheme of things.

I can tell you that the world wouldn't be the same if you didn't exist. You created a dent in the world by virtue of who you're. But understand that it's a small part in the scheme of things. Yet an important and irreplaceable part.

This former reportee of mine told me how she feels she's respected and how she feels nice and responsible about it. It's just that. There are more exciting eyes on us than we realise.

So i try to act in a way:

  • I don't hurt people intentionally

  • I am not mean to people

  • I try the best i can

  • If i can inspire, i do. If i can't, i try.

The world is a stage and you're Al Pacino or Meryl Streep. Or Picasso or Da Vinci or Tagore or Satyajit Ray. Or Rahman or Burmans. Just paint it the way you want and let destiny decide what's in store for you.

Kya hi hoga? Zyaada se zyaada. Destiny won't have anything in store more than you can handle. So just enjoy the space between yesterday and tomorrow. The happy accidents.

I call serendipity. Just breathe, Just believe.

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