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Smart phones and smart people!

Dad: "How many times do I have to charge this stupid phone.? Morning only I had charged it. Nokia phones were so much better"

Me: "Dad, it's a smart phone. It uses a lot of battery" 

Dad: "Hmm.. while I miss my Nokia but these phones also have a lot of utility value. I use it for calling, sending good morning messages to 200 people and of course follow updates on politics on YouTube and other sites"    

Me: "Thanks dad"

Dad: "For what?"

Me: "Got my content for today"

Dad to Mom: "What do you think, when will he become smart?"

Mom: "Why don't you put him on charge and check. May be there is hope after all?"

Note: No, we don't speak English at home. This is just recreated to include readers from across.

I loved the days of Nokia. We had to charge it just once and it would take care of itself for the next few days! We used it for just 2 things: Call and text. May be for one more thing: Play Snakes!

But our smartphones are capable of so many things - Call, text, video call, surf the net, social media apps, pay bills, voice recognition - almost everything!

And when the functions increase, it needs more charging! When we don't charge the phone, it drains out! Irrespective of what specs it has, a drained off phone is at best a paper weight!

Equation: Functionality = Energy.

Secondly, every now and then there is an option to Update the software! Yes, it is annoying and we all do it after snoozing it for many days!

But, it fixes bugs and improves functionality!

Do you see where I am going with this?

Works with us humans as well.

We are into many things these days. Our mind is constantly into something or the other. Thereby, spending so much energy.

But how much do we focus and put efforts to charge ourselves? Reenergise.

And more importantly, how often we think of an update for ourselves? Better version.

Like smart phones, we too get notifications for updates and charging. Missed opportunities, boredom, fatigue, autopilot, status quo etc.

And like charging and software updates, we too have options - breaks, hobbies, workout, reading, new skills, energising conversations etc.

We all know there is no comparison between a phone and humans.

The question to ask is: Are we living smart?

What we do decides what we become! Do the smart thing!

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