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The magic ingredient!

"Build trust first. Then people will buy whatever you're selling".

This is not from Peter Drucker or any other Corporate guru.

My dad who has not even completed his schooling told me this.

He has very recently gotten into selling Coffee Powder (a small attempt to keep himself busy post retirement). He sold it to his "Hello Sir, How are you?" acquaintances who meet during his morning and day walks and also to friends from his school days with whom he is connected only on WhatsApp.

I wondered what made them buy in the first place. They have hardly met each other in years. Plus they are not even in the same city.

"They know me. They trust me. So they are buying what I'm selling", he said.

Point taken, sir!

All of us want others to take us seriously, what we suggest or advice seriously and feel dejected and sometimes angry when that doesn't happen. And we do that without even having established the basic essence of human interactions and dealings: TRUST.

I wondered how many times I have been guilty of this. At work, in life.

Now, how do you build trust? I asked the learned experienced man, my dad!

He said it's simple if you don't complicate it. So here it is:

  1. Be Genuine. How you ask? Give your attention when they speak. Give advice with a heart that you'd want to receive from.

  2. Be Yourself. People value authenticity.

  3. Be Vulnerable. Let them know you are not perfect. They will see their insecurities in you and find a secure place.

  4. Do what you say. Say what you think. And think what you feel.

  5. Give more than you take. You'll get more than you ask for.

  6. Earn people. You'll automatically earn other things.

Well, I'm not sure if I learnt selling from him but I surely learnt lessons worth remembering for life.

I reflected on why so many people from my previous organisation still reach out to me and so many of them I reach out to. It's not because they have the best solutions or I have all the answers. It's belief that they will always think well for me! Based on the Trust built.

So if you are a leader or a new starter. If you are a husband or a wife. If you are in sales or in HR. If you are a friend or a sibling. This is universal!

He sold twice the amount of stock he had and he is confident he will get more orders!

The magic ingredient: Trust!

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