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"When was the last time you did something for the first time....?"

One of my mentors would ask this of us.

Well, I wish he asks me now, as I did do something for the first time.

This week I got an opportunity from my alma-mater to address their newest batch in Human Resources. My first.

And to offer internship opportunities to a couple of them.

12 years of being a post-grad of TAPMI (Manipal)! Going back for this meant a lot. A sense of pride and responsibility.

The talk was interactive. I introduced myself as belonging to the age between Jurassic park 3 and The Lost World. A time before India won their last WC. A time when Facebook was the in thing (they didn't even have the app on the phone - forget using it).

Honestly, I was so impressed with the cohort.

  • Attentive (we used to be half asleep),

  • Asked questions (no not for any marks)

  • Showed curiosity by sharing their journey and trying to understand how to connect the dots (keen to learn)

  • Confident & Fearless

I did pick a thing or two from them.

Going back to the original question. Why did this mean so much to me?

For one, it was going back to the place where I grew up to enter the professional world.

For more, my organisation placing the trust and responsibility in me to onboard few bright minds who could change the way we do things!

An unforgettable experience for me when I look at it in the larger picture.

I would have hired many in my career and would have addressed many employees in numbers but this still was special when I think of the larger impact.

Moments like these continue to happen to us, and sometimes we just miss the beauty of it!

“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”  - Seneca

Last week at the hospice with terminally ill patients and this week with bright minds who would be the future, I feel grateful to have had these opportunities to experience the beauty of life.

The below picture is 14 years apart! At the same place, Tapmi (Manipal)!

A part of it will remain with me and a part of me will remain with it, always, forever!

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