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You Must read this... I plead! For your own sake...

"I feel no differently today than I did the day I was diagnosed 105 days ago. This is what I'd expected to happen. I have peace within and expect the day to go just as I have envisioned it. Mind, body and soul are in sync going forward the next three hours. Make an effort to understand yourself first, don't work too hard, get a pet, travel more, be generous with the knowledge you have, try a psychedelic, make eye contact always, meditate whenever, treat animals like you would humans, read a classic now, give atheists a chance to have their voices heard, have a hobby you're passionate about, mentor someone, have one fruit everyday, accentuate the positives in yourself and others and work on leaving a worthy legacy.

Love you all"

I came across this post on social media. Nothing has shaken me more in the recent past than this post. A man capturing what he is going through within (physically and emotionally), after being diagnosed with Cancer.

Chika Kapadia was diagnosed with terminal cancer in May. For every day after that, he wrote this diary. He chose to die at Dignitas in Switzerland on August 23 in the care of the doctors at that clinic.

I believe these are God sent reminders when you think life has been unfair to you.

Stuff like these just puts things into perspectives and makes you rethink your life. Your problems just feel minuscule! Somehow as if you're standing in front of Mt. Everest. But also makes you question, is there anything else that you could do than accept your fate?

Amor Fati!

Read it here:

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