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A half century!

My weekly blog series that started by the name "WTFridayyy" turns 50 today. A milestone that I am very happy to reach. Fifty non-stop weeks of writing.

The day when I decided to start writing blogs with the objective of writing it every Friday, I had two thoughts in my mind:

  1. What if it doesn't work?

  2. What if this DOES work?

I am glad I fed the second thought. I stayed at it. Kept doing it. There were days when it was difficult sometimes physically and a few times mentally. But I did it nevertheless.

Life is all about choices. The difference between a life of content or a life of regret is mostly dependant on the choice we make. When you want to do something, just go with it. I love the Nike tagline "Just do it". It's simple yet powerful.

The more important part comes after we make the choice. How badly we want to pursue it? And how deeply we feel about it?

While we make these choices, a lot of factors contribute in making it a success. Like in this case, so many of my mentors and all you friends who were generous with your time and words. I can't thank you enough!

There were days when I had no subject to write on, but there was always someone I could reach out to asking for what's going on in their mind and trying to capture it in a story. When I needed help was there, I just had to look for it.

This just applies to almost aspects of our life. There is help. There is someone or something that plays a huge role in what we choose and how we lead our choices.

And it's never too late to revisit our choices. Choose the life we want. We just have to decide, be courageous and Just do it.

50 Weeks. 50 Blogs!

I have a request:

  • Tell me which ones you liked the most and why!

  • Tell me what you want(ed) to do but couldn't find courage.

  • Tell me which one (of your choices) you'd like to revisit.

And once you decide, just do it and make it work!

Thank you for staying with me in this journey and I look forward to your continued support and encouragement to help me hit a CENTURY!

PS: Drop a note or share your thoughts with me.

Pic courtesy: G De Germain (Unsplash)

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Manjusha Nair
Manjusha Nair
Dec 05, 2020

Congratulations! It’s no small feat. You didn’t let the cadence drop 👏🏽 I loved several of your blogs, my favourites were personal garden, #CagedBirdSings, #RichardCory, and detour. I liked others too but these were the ones that really spoke to me. Here’s wishing you many more centuries - half and full 😊


Sakshi Sehgal
Sakshi Sehgal
Dec 04, 2020

Congratulations on half century. Your are super inspiring. Keep doing this amazing work. We love to read your blogs every week.

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