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When it's your own....

I'm very happy today.

As I write this I'm at a close friend's place for a home warming ceremony. Viren and Neha are excited to show the home. And I'm so happy to see them so happy and excited. Touchwood.

Viren is the more passionate one on this subject. He with increasing excitement took each of us on a tour (explaining everything in detail). He did this thrice. And his excitement level going up with each tour.

And Neha being Neha is the perfect host. She knew what we like and ensured we have that for the evening. Made hummus. Damn tasty.

You know this is what life is all about. Being happy with what you create and build and being happy for the people who are close to you!

If Covid has taught us anything, it's our reliance on being close to our loved ones. Going back to our comfort of being around the people who we trust and share our happiness and sadness. Going back to being part of a community.

And secondly, we are invested so much when we are in the process of creating and building something. Either in life or at work.

You can see that difference when you are explaining something that you have built from scratch. In Neha and Viren's case it's their home now. Having worked with Neha, she's passionate about so many of the projects we have worked on together.

It's also important to note that we are not Immortals. Memento Mori (you remember).

So if we can make each of what we work on this passionately, imagine how much happiness it will give us and how good the output would be.

How can we do this? Like always I will try and give you some thoughts for you to think and ponder on.

1. Pick things that you like to do and want to do.

2. You can't achieve this if you're interested in 100 things. No one can. My friends were invested heavily for 4 months to get their new home up.

3. Have a plan. It doesn't happen overnight. You got to work for it. Very hard.

4. When you're done, share it with your loved ones. Happiness level goes up.

As one of my HR Heads (a great influence on me) used to say "Mithaas baanto".

Translation: Spread sweetness read happiness.

Baantne se khushiyan badhti hai. Remember this. We live daily but don't know if there's a tomorrow. So live it up and share your happiness. And be a reason for someone's happiness. Like some of us have by coming for this amazing party.

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