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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

“It’s so tough yaar. I want to go back to normal”. Told a friend on call. I wanted to tell him:

I’m sorry, Earth is closed today! How many movie dialogues do you remember have gone on to be true later?

The world is shutting down. Places that were once swarming with the hustle and bustle of daily life have become a haven for birds and other species.

With massive adjustments put on our lives – from lockdowns, homes converted to makeshift offices and school closures to travel restrictions, non-essential goods not existing for purchase and consume, life has become unnerving for many.

Conspiracy theorists are talking about an ongoing war with Thanos actually happening in some part of our planet and all this is a part of the battle being fought by the Avengers. For once, I believe in this conspiracy. I’m not ashamed to believe in this.

We are yet to understand the magnitude of change. Yet to ascertain the certainty of this uncertainty. Yet to come to terms with the fact that something like this faced by our previous generations, which we have only read or heard about is now actually happening to us.

As we speak, many things are changing:

Lifestyle – Staying home. You know, the earth is closed. What was once a lifestyle problem has now become a lifestyle choice in order to be safe.

Habits – New lifestyle is nudging people to pick new habits or the ones that they left long back.

Work – It’s not just work from home but work at home as well. By the end of these 21 days, I’m sure I will learn to keep my wardrobe neat and tidy.

Time – Now we have time for many things. Work. Cooking. Hobby. Exercise. Talk to family members and friends. And in my case, cleaning.

And the biggest two changes

Spotlight – While yes, many are still worried and stressed about Thanos (CoronaVirus). The world is also talking about the Avengers – Doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, police, armed forces, delivery guys, supermarket/grocery workers, essential supplies vendors, cleaners, security guards and the list goes on and on.

And as tough it may sound to believe, membership is open to become a part of Avengers. Many people displaying the power of ONE, of Unity, of Collaboration in this fight and doing their bit. Whether it is feeding the less privileged to making tea for policemen on the road or supporting financially to the ones who are in need to helping old people not get impacted. Many unsung (s)heroes. No names or faces. Just the collective – Avengers to fight Thanos.

Gratitude – The thank you’s have become more genuine and are not just footnotes any more. The Five minute claps, the concerts from balconies, the whistles and the blowing of the conch, placards outside medical centers, it’s helping heal the world. Not just the external, but also the internal. In the midst of times of crisis and uncertainty, it is serving us to introspect and reflect on how much more generous we could have been with our Thank You’s.

It may not cure our anxieties or solve our worries but it may foster comfort, kindness, and well-being – all invaluable qualities. The ones that need to “go viral”.

A short guide to be an Avenger when the world needs you:

  1. Introspect – on all the good things you have and for all the tough times you survived. For all the time you have to change your habits and lifestyles and for opportunity to refocus on important things which got lost and for care and oneness this society this world requires. Not many were privileged.

  2. Connect – with people you should have and not been. With realities of the uncertainties. With your inner need to become a better version of yourself.

  3. Be Kind – to people who are in need and to the ones who have helped you. And more importantly with yourself. Giving yourself time to think and reflect and learn is one way to be kind to yourself. Build yourself to be sustainable.

  4. Extraordariness in the Ordinary – Count your blessings if you are getting food on your plate, if you have a house to work from, if you have money to pay the bills. If you think these are bad days, then know that many would want to live your bad day.

And yes,

Protect the troop – Keep yourself safe so that you can keep others safe. In times of Coronavirus, wash your hands, maintain hygiene, stay home — be an Avenger and protect fellow warriors.

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