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Of the many things that life has been teaching in the last many months since Covid-19, three things have possibly stood out for me:

  1. It could have been worse.

  2. It's good. Be grateful.

  3. There's always an opportunity to help others.

The other day while scrolling through my LinkedIn feed, I came across a post where a leader (CXO) took out time to respond on a LinkedIn message to one individual who had written to him asking for job opportunities. That individual had put out a post to thank that leader for taking out time and for the message

It was simple and had two key elements to it:

#Empathy - I know these must be stressful times, but please hold through as This too shall pass.

#Compassion - I'm not the concerned person but I will share it further and will request them to check for a suitable opportunity and update you.

Empathy is a must but sometimes that's not enough. Compassion is the most important.

To me, empathy is putting yourself in someone else's shoes to see how tight it is. Compassion is buying them a new pair of shoes after knowing how it feels to be in that shoes.

It dawned on me how life gives us opportunities to help people in many ways. LinkedIn feeds are full of people writing asking to help them find right opportunities as they have lost their job due to this pandemic.

Few have written to me as well. There is no shame in saying that I learnt from what I read and have been responding to all of them highlighting the above two points. And sharing their resumes/profiles with my network. Sometimes tagging those people to opportunities I see on my feed.

For us it could be one extra mail or message or post or even a minute but for the other person it could be everything.

#Kindness has no end. There are opportunities everywhere. You just need the heart and the eye to help you see it. Take out that extra time to help others. The world works in a funny way. Good things happen to good people. Earn some #karma points, you never know when you might have to redeem them.

"If you are more fortunate than others then remember to build a longer table not a taller fence"

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Manjusha Nair
Manjusha Nair
Aug 21, 2020

Good one, Swami! Want to add - yes to helping people who’re obviously in need, but also remembering that everyone is human like us. People are so quick to judge and label each other, more kindness and less judgement would be lovely in our workplaces and other circles. #BeKind :)


Anisha Gopal
Anisha Gopal
Aug 07, 2020

Love the last, build a longer table not a taller fence!


Srishty De
Srishty De
Aug 01, 2020

I absolutely loved the metaphors you used for empathy and compassion, this is an amazingly written piece. Super love this one.

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