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Book Recommendation #4 : Siddhartha.

Am back with a new book recommendation.

You would have heard of this book. Siddhartha. By Hermann Hesse.

I got to know about this book from Vishal Sikka (ex CEO - Infosys), a leader par excellence that I got to work with. Vishal is pure brilliance and anything he recommends is worth exploring. Always!

“Siddhartha” is a book that follows the life of a Brahmin, Siddhartha, who breaks away from his family to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

What made the book so compelling for me is how Hermann Hesse painted Siddhartha as such an imperfect & impatient character who dwells a lot in internal conflict and turmoil (definitely something I can relate to).

The book follows the experiences and hardships he encounters at different stages of his life. The sacrifices made in order to "seek wisdom".

It is a great starter for understanding different aspects of life. A book that takes you on a journey through Siddhartha!

I plan to read this again in a few years time to see if it gives me a different perspective. A book worth re-reading.

Here are my takeaways from “Siddhartha”:

- Wisdom can't be communicated. Stop seeking wisdom. Experience life by yourself and learn. 

- Your journey is your own. It can't be compared to anyone else's.

- Nothing is permanent. There is no permanence in life.

- Have patience; right things will come to you at the right time.

- Concentrate on present; in the moment. There is no point in crying over the past or worrying about the future.

- You must live by your life purpose.

- Change is the only constant.

- Do not 'search'. Instead, 'find'. Searching restricts you to only your goal but finding opens your mind to the new.

- Action makes good deeds. Build a mindset to practice. 

I would suggest you to pick this book and give it a try. You won't regret. I promise.

Happy reading!

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