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Bulleh Shah - My Interpretation!

Did you like the the poem by Baba Bulleh Shah?

As promised, here is my interpretation of the previous post:

When we start thinking in terms of ‘I’, we separate ourselves from others. 
But to become one with that ultimate truth, we need to chuck that ‘I’, that Ego. 
That's when the doors to ultimate peace and happiness start opening up.
Until you have surrendered, until you have let go of your Ego, the work is not done
No matter what you have read, achieved, accumulated, gained, or learned.... 
If you have not worked on yourself, have not let go of your ego, until you don't distance from the I, 
the work is not done.....

Profound. Isn't it?

While it is easier said than done but I can personally ratify that there is absolute truth in this. Of late, I am trying hard to detach myself from my thoughts, hold no permanent beliefs, not taking things personally.

It has not only helped me be more peaceful but also I have been able to make more objective decisions and felt contented with how I have approached the situation.

But there is a paradox. You can't detach from the I, without going within the I.

The next few lines from the poetry are:

Parrh parrh alam fazal hoya
Kadee apnay aap nu parrhaya ye naeen

Read a lot and became a scholar,
But never read himself

Ja ja warrda mandir maseetey...
Kadi man apnay which warrya ye naeen

Enters into the temple & mosque,
But never entered into his own heart

Aewaien roz shaitan naal larrdaan
Kadee nafs apnay naal larrya ye naeen

Fights with the devil every day for nothing
He never wrestled with his own ego

The only way out is In. Being aware of the self is key to acceptance and thereby a chance to change.

As you are aware, I am high on introspection. And love my solitude to delve deeper.

I have a hack for myself. The more I speak the less I am in touch with myself. The less I speak the more I am able to express. It helps me to offset.

I would highly recommend you to experience this. How, you ask?

I would say, start by being silent and enjoying solitude.

Ping me if you want to experience this and share your thoughts or converse on this ! I would love to!

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