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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The world has seen an upheaval of emotions in the last one week. Words will never do justice to what happened to #GeorgeFloyd. May his soul rest in peace.

The incident brought together diverse people across the globe to fight for equality and brought out the champions of inclusion to show the world a path. A path that’s just. A path that’s necessary to be taken. If not now, when?

Another incident that caused anguish and made humanity shed a tear was the tragic and unjust end to the pregnant elephant in Kerala. The sorrow it caused to people can’t be measured in words. Both these incidents have left an unfading scar on humanity. For how long will one race/color/gender/specie/economic status/country/religion think of itself as superior and assume authority over the other. For how long will we function in anarchy of thoughts and purpose. How difficult is it to understand that different colors make a rainbow. The only way we could live in peace is if we coexist. Else everything else is a conflict.

Equality is not a privilege. It’s basic.

But how does it impact you and me and our people? Look around. At your homes and your offices. Do you see a hierarchy of authority, are all voices included, are people discriminated basis their ability to speak English fluently or basis where they have studied, are your meetings inclusive and are voices of all your people heard and valued, is one gender preferred over the other – not just at workplace but also at home, is importance given to ideas basis the seniority of the person giving it. There are many such examples of inequalities and exclusions. These are not easily visible or observed.

While it’s the right thing to fight for the rights of people of different colors or fight for a just treatment of other creations on the planet, in reality, we are far from equality and inclusion.

We are a generation which has the power to correct this. Not just the obvious inequalities but also the silent invisible ones. To know what’s right and wrong. To voice it. Let’s take a pledge to correct this. Individually. Together. Our ways might be different but our purpose has to be common. Be it at home or office or our society. Let’s coexist because All Lives Matter.

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