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For cricket lovers, it's an important day this today's date.

Something remarkable happened in the lives of two gentlemen who played this game. One got dismissed for Zero in his last innings to end his career with a batting average of 99.94 and the other scored his first of the 100 centuries. Yes, am talking about Sir Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar. The greatest ever. Both of them. If someone says otherwise, I don't know why you're even friends with such people 😁

But this blog is not about cricket. It's about what they stand for. To me, the word #consistency gets dignified if we talk about these two gentlemen.

Success needs a lot of things - #Talent, #ambition, #effort, #risktaking ability, #luck but if there is one thing which is a secret ingredient then it is #Consistency.

They were not just the best, they were the best consistently for a long period of time.

Personally, the more consistent I have been at anything; I have got better at that.

So often I have picked up stuff, did it for a few days or weeks and then left it. There will be days when you'll move mountains but rest of the days you'll still need to breathe and do that 'little' that you can. It's important to remember this.

You'll be praised for and get famous for moving mountains but only you have to keep pushing yourself to breathe everyday and do that little extra. A lot of self motivation to keep going everyday till you become the best. And even then to not stop.

So what is consistency and how can you get it?

It's not just about how good your "A game" is. It's about how often you bring out your "A game". Do something. Do it everyday.

People who are consistent focus on the process more than the outcome. They know if they get the process right, the outcome shall come. Don't go for giant leaps, aim for small steps everyday. And you'll see the power of consistency and compounding.

So many times we are awed by people who bring intensity. It's required but let's not be enamored by intensity. In the long run, #persistence beats #intensity. Be At It.

Consistency is not about doing the same thing again and again. That's repetition. Consistency is about doing, learning, adapting and doing it better. It is about deliberate practice.

Remember, #Something > #Nothing

#Incremental progress today > planning to take a giant leap a year from now.

#Iterations > #Perfection.

And, the funny thing is this applies to almost everything in life, work, relationships, finances etc.

Tips to be consistent:

  1. Know your #Purpose - what's yoir Why?

  2. #DoOneThing - just one

  3. #Prioritize - you become what you give your time to.

  4. #NoExcuses - don't let your mind fool you

  5. #Start - Now.

Now, I'd love to hear from you?

Why don't you share your story about that one thing you were consistent with? How did you do it? What were the challenges?

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1 Comment

Preeti Iatia
Preeti Iatia
Aug 15, 2020

Very well articulated 👏

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