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Once I missed going to the gym because well, I didn't want to. LOL, No?.

And since then it's been eleven years that I haven't been to a gym. A ritual once broken takes time to get rebuilt.

The above story is a work of fiction. The only part that's a fact is that I don't feel like wanting to go to a gym.

But I faced a situation today.

I'm on vacation and for most part out of network/mobile or wifi range. So it's been difficult to write and post my blog.

For a moment, I had thoughts of skipping it today. Even my friends told me it's ok to miss once in 60+ weeks and that people will understand.

But it's not about people. My blogs while read by you all is a source of motivation for myself to put my thoughts into words.

Something's are non negotiable. For me, writing this blog is very important. It makes me believe in the power of discipline and a small purpose to my weekly routine. I can't give up on it. Not for a frivolous reason like being out on a vacation.

Remember, we ourselves are the easiest to get fooled. Our mind will accept whatever we feed it. So might as well make it do things that benefits us.

There will be stuff that you do which will be part of your personal ritual. I say never let that go unless you have a strong reason to. Discipline is one of the most underrated of skills. I guess school education is all about just learning this skill.

Writing was a dream, but it's discipline thats kept me going. It has been the bridge between what I wanted to do and what I did.

I encourage you to pick that one thing that is non-negotiable. It can be your morning yoga, or your evening jog or just spending time with your pet or pursuing your hobby. Just do it. And never let it go. These are the small things in life which makes our life worth and are stepping stones for the big things we achieve in the larger perspective.

Sorry, you had to wait longer to read the blog today but I wouldn't disappoint you.

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