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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”. A question asked by one of the leaders to a group of managers.

Indeed, was a tough one to answer. Close to 100 years of collective experience in that room. This group was able to crack how the organisation should provide best in class employee experience. But this question was the toughest to answer. What it showed was how often we don’t think consciously and how easily we forget what’s important for us.

And like all good things get forgotten, I forgot about this question until very recently when I wanted to learn something new. And that too happened when a good friend of mine out of nowhere messaged me on WhatsApp asking “What was there before the Big Bang”. I sheepishly replied “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. (hope you get the reference)

I knew I could have done better. But I had no answer. And that moment I asked myself when was the last time I learnt something new (a derivative of that question). And then again it was tough to answer. While yes I have spent time on learning but that’s more of the old or the known. Realistically yet to confidently say I have learnt something new.

So for the next few months I have picked 2 things that I will learn. Yes this would mean I need to spend time and efforts but I guess it’s worth it.

1. Physics (beyond the school curriculum)

2. Drawing Illustrations (the new)

I will be asking this question to myself every now and then to keep myself updated and in a way be able to answer that odd/random and interesting question that comes my way.

It will be fun to do this together. Why don’t you pick something new to learn. It is okay even if it’s more of the old as long as it adds new information and knowledge.

If you need tips then:

1. focus on what conversations you have with people.

2. Try to extract something new from there.

3. Identity what influencers in the world are talking about.

4. Have common learning goals with your friends, colleagues, children, pets etc

5. Announce it to your circle so that there is someone encouraging you to reach your goal

Do the New. Stay learnable.

PS: I had an answer back then. Thanks to a friend who encouraged me to be Master of ceremony for a global hackathon event. That was my First and New.

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