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Going back to the basics...

The last couple of weeks were exhausting!

This Monday evening, I felt as if the entire week was done. I slept off at 7:30pm. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I slept off at 9pm.

After a point, sometimes, the body feels the fatigue. What troubles me the most though is the mental exhaustion. It annoys me the most. I get too irritated when I can't think like other times, my calmness and composure goes for a toss. I question the relevance of the routine, leading to lack of purpose. I know this is momentary. But still important to get out of it. It doesn't happen automatically in my case. I put my own efforts.

I go back to the basics.

One of that is to read the stuff that inspires me and pushes me to go beyond the mundane. A book that has done that job for me from my college days has been "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull" is a novella written by Richard Bach. The story follows the journey of Jonathan, a seagull who is different from the rest of his flock, as he strives to reach his full potential as a flyer.

Here are a few things that I pick from that book:

1. Following passion and purpose

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a story about finding and following your passion and purpose. Jonathan's passion is flying, and he is not content with merely surviving like the rest of his flock. He wants to soar, to reach his full potential. The book encourages to find what we are passionate about and pursue it with everything we have.

2. Don't be afraid to be different

Jonathan is different from the rest of his flock, and they don't understand his desire to fly higher and faster. He is mocked and rejected, but he does not let this stop him from pursuing his dream. The book reminds me that it's okay to be different and to embrace the uniqueness.

3. Learn from failures

Jonathan faces many challenges and failures on his journey to becoming the best flyer he can be. But he does not let these failures discourage him. Instead, he learns from them and uses them as stepping stones towards his goal.

4. Always strive for excellence and pushing boundaries

Throughout the book, Jonathan is constantly pushing himself to improve his flying skills. He never becomes complacent or content with his current level of ability. I have tried hard to never settle for mediocrity.

5. Share your knowledge and help others

In the latter part of the book, Jonathan returns to his flock and begins to teach them what he has learned about flying. He shares his knowledge and helps them to become better flyers. Giving is one of the most important part of our being. My writing is my effort to share what I go through even if it helps one person. Especially those who may be struggling.

This just makes me forget the exhaustion and focus my energies on what's most important.

I am sure you'll have your own mechanisms that help you get out of the drudgery.

I'll be happy to hear from you!

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raunak panpalia
raunak panpalia

Shambhavi mahamudra will not let such feelings come in for months. And even if it comes, you are in total acceptance to the situation and sail through

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