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Happy Birthday Ma!

My mom celebrates her 60th birthday today!

I'm not going to write much today.

God could not be everywhere so a mother took God's place in our lives.

If you have your mom in your life, be grateful. Celebrate it.

No other love is unconditional like a mother's love.

The only happy place for her would be when you are around.

Despite all the richness, your absence would make her feel sad.

Like my mom, your's too would have stayed up all night when you were sick.

Prayed for you.

Stayed hungry to feed you.

Been happiest in your victories.

Fought the world for you.

(36 years ago when she was expecting me, she was quite unwell during the pregnancy.

The doctor asked her to choose her life over mine. But she didn't give up. Here I am!).

No one can take place of your parents.

If you are remembering your mom, remember her sacrifices.

And her love for you.

Remember her for good things.

No one is perfect, so don't keep any hard feelings.

Be happy she was in your life.

She'd be smiling from the heavens to see you remembering her!

All I can do is be as compassionate as a mother.

I can only try.

I'll fail but I'll still be a better person in my attempts than I could have ever been otherwise.

Happy Birthday Ma! Thank you for being You!

PC: Unsplash.

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