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I don't know who needs to read this...

I came across this haunting but a wonderful reality on Instagram.

I thought you all must read this. Am sure you'll appreciate the truth in this.

I picked a few things from this and it made me feel better:

- We are all in it. Together. Though some have had worse experiences.

- This is not usual. Let's not call it a new normal. A normal this bad is not sustainable.

- Zoom/Teams calls have wrecked our natural communication pattern. I text back my parents after reading their message and talking to them on a quick call "We discussed."

- We have all survived the first few months staying connected and in touch during the first wave. The second wave was disturbing and more emotionally consuming. But only by staying social we will see through the rest of the tough times.

- It is hard. For everyone. In different measures. This is no time for judgment.

In the routine let's not forget that this is not the normal we asked for. And this is not the normal we should settle for. We can do better. We can be better than this. The last harm we could do is to get used to this.

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