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I get asked this Q a lot...

Firstly, my sincere gratitude for the love you have shown on my 100th blog and through my journey to the 100.

I get asked this question a lot and this was asked again after my 100th blog.

"You have written 100 blogs. How do you generate content on a weekly basis? What keeps you motivated to write every week?"

It's a tough question. And I'm still figuring out the answer.

Before answering this question, let me drop a truth bomb.

I thought a lot if I should take a break from writing for a few weeks after hitting a century and come back with either new content or new channel of transmitting content.

But I decided to write because it has become a very sacred ritual for me.

For many of you you'd have your own sacred ritual. I texted a friend the other day and she told me she just announced her resignation. I asked her what she plans to do. She told me she's planing to start something of her own in to health and fitness.

Now, this person has been rigorously working out and is an example and inspiration one needs. It's not come easy for her. She has done the hard reps. Many a times we have got to see it on her social media.

So what I am trying to tell you is that: Writing is a journey.

It has never been about producing content or articles or blogs. Rather, it is an elimination process for me wherein I write all that is in my head and then achieve clarity of thought through edits.

It is a process where there is an input, deliberate practice which helps me in the output.

Put it into a formula. It is simply this:


Input = Learning. Reading a lot. I'm extremely curious when it comes to reading. 
Practise = The journey. Writing. Journalling. Mentally making notes. Doing the weekly rigour.
Output = Clarity of thought. This is what I get after I write week after week.

A lot of it is about discipline, commitment and purpose.

Discipline, Commitment and Purpose are the bare essentials to become good at anything. Also, to enjoy something longer. Having the natural talent is a matter of luck which not all of us may possess. But the other 3 completely in our hands.

The formula I shared can be applied to anything. Writing. Music. Dance. Gardening. Investing. Fitness.

What you achieve as an outcome of doing it consistently might not be always the same as Why you started doing it in the first place.

For eg: My friend I'm sure didn't work out regularly because she wanted to start something of her own.

One question I ask myself and I am determined to figure out is Why I'm unable to adopt this approach to all things in my life. This discipline. This rigour and commitment.

I guess it is about finding the Purpose.

Well, I am going to back to watching the Ted Talk by Simon Sinek on Start with the Why or may be pick up the book to read.

You do what helps you build you. Find it and then just do it.

Share your sacred ritual with me. Tell me why you picked it? How does it help you? What has it made you?

I am keen to know and learn.

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