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The World Cup fever is over!

I wasn't glued to the television this time around. For the first time, I happened to watch just one match in the entire World Cup. And to my luck, it was the finals.

What a match!

The ebb and flow post the first 70 mins of the play was as if the script were written by the Gods themselves!

May be, it was!

At least for one man. Messi!

Two words that were associated with Messi in the last one month were GOAT (Greatest of All Time) and Invincible (On the field).

Well, the GOAT part is something that turns me off. I mean, how does one call someone a GOAT and expect others to accept it. I was guilty of that many years ago, when I wanted the world to accept Sachin as the GOAT. I figured, everyone will have their own versions and choices of their Heroes.

The word Invincible though, intrigued me. Not because I believe Messi is invincible in football.

He's been defeated many times. But he hasn't lost. He continued to fight. He chose to go on.

He is Invincible - because of his efforts.

Invincibility is never about the outcome. Because, one can only control the process and seldom the consequence of it.

Fortunately, Invincibility, is not an attribute only of a warrior, or an athlete or someone famous. It is a something which is a part of the fabric of every human being. For each, has their story of their defeats and victories, and their pursuit to carry on, nevertheless.

That, to me, is Invincibility.

No one could have defined 'Invincible' better than Albert Camus. The genius mind who understood humanity better than most.

Here is what he wrote. I hope it helps you to appreciate your little efforts and for being kind to yourself. To know, there is that 'little extra' in you. Always.

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