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It's a Century! WTFridayyyy is 100*

WTFridayyyy is 100 not out.

It gives me immense joy to have hit this beautiful milestone. Hundred weeks of writing.

Though when I started I never had this number on my mind. I'm usually not enamoured by such milestones as I believe in doing what needs to be done and letting the universe decide what's in store. But I must tell you, a century is always special. And one doesn't have to be a cricketer to feel the satisfaction of scoring a hundred.

Even a simple writer can feel the happiness.

If you're a sports fan then you'd be familiar with this question asked to the sportspersons or athletes.

Which one of these was your most favourite 100 or most favourite goal or basket or wicket?

While it's always tough for them to pick one, but nevertheless when they pick one it is often attached to a purpose that milestone served: either a win for the team or personal objective fulfilled or living someone else's dream for them.

So I asked myself this question.

Which is my most favourite blog?

I honestly found it tough to pick.

I then looked at what purpose did it achieve. One of which was how it resonated with people and if it brought them joy and helped them.

My blogs have received a lot of love from many of you and you were kind enough to share it with me as well.

To some whenever my blogged popped up, it felt like that friend in the next cubicle who was there to have a conversation.

To someone else, when they were low and sad, it acted as motivation.

To some it just gave them food for thought and made them think deeper.

And some were just happy that I was writing every week and it reminded them that it was a Friday.

These are words from many of you. I'll always be grateful.

I don't know what I'm going to do next. Help me decide it.

Would you want anything different? If yes, what?

Would you want this to be a platform to share your thoughts? Let's discuss.

Would you want to suggest a different medium? Or help me increase the reach? Please tell me.

One more request: do tell me which one was your most favourite blog and why?

But for now, a big thank you for being associated with this beautiful journey. Continue to be my anchor.

Lots of love.

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