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It's about the journey...

Well, i got promoted recently and feel humbled to get more responsibility and opportunity to add value to the organisation.

We just lost the T20 world cup. Okay, let me say we didn't win the world cup. One thing that stood out was that we didn't have a great start. It just didn't click. But despite that we won matches because we stuck to going through and battling out the circumstance. Remember, those 2 sixes from Kohli off Rauf. We were not in the match until then.

As in sports, so in life and work, things change. One just has to focus on the process and not worry too much about the outcome. I did that in the last couple of years. And am glad it helped me I'm humbled to get the opportunity to do more and be more.

Sometimes, you just have to be open to experience and explore than prove and achieve. Things fall in place. Persevere. Be patient. And try to become the best you could be. Forget everything else.

The destination will come to you. Just be on the journey!

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