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Let's break down this Truth Bomb - 1

Remember my posts a few weeks ago on ultimate Truth bombs? Those were just images. No explanations in those posts.

But I had told you that I would be elaborating more on the images.

So, here's #1

This one is a peach of a truth bomb.

I mean it's a no brainer. Really. But you'd be surprised to know how often we keep close people in our lives to suck energy out of us. They just bring you down to their level. May be not wantingly but they just do no good to you.

And you, at that point, think they need you without realising what it's doing to you.

I remember this happening to my best friend. She had a friend from work who possibly might have had a troubled past and that reflected in her vibes. There was this negative energy around her persona. While I empathized but as I cared for my best friend i told her to be careful.

My friend wanted to help her and provided all kinds of moral support and spent time trying to help her understand what was happening but realised that it was really bringing her own self down in this process. She had to slow reduce the connection.

Now let me tell you another true examples. I have some people not just in my circle but on my corner (try to get the difference - not everyone in your circle is on your corner). They just ensure that I have no time to delve into cynicism and negative. They lift me when I'm down and what I have learnt from them is that I have become that person to many people (atleast i put an honest effort).

We are made of energy and we keep transferring those without knowing. Every relationship, meetings, encounters are sources of these transfer. Might as well transfer some energy that benefits mutually.

If only we could treat every conversation and transaction with people as if they were our last , i don't think there would have been any space for negativity, cynicism, jealousy etc..

Be a person who lifts others. Be a trampoline. Not a pit.

In the next post, I'll help you to figure how to know who those people are who lift you higher.

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