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Most wanted!

Podcasts are a great avenue for learning. I came across an interesting one this week.

In that the speaker said, the reason most of us fail to become the best at anything is because we keep focusing on too many things. Hobby, work, passion, family etc.

He instead recommended to pick the One Most Wanted activity that we want to succeed at and invest all that we can to it. He says don't try too many things, just pick one give six months. He was so confident that this is the sure shot way to success. Elon Musk apparently believes in this concept and that's how he's built successful enterprises.

I have always been a generalist who's liked to be a sort of jack of all trades so this concept doesn't sit too well with me. I mean our life is short so giving six months to just one activity? What if after six months we are bored of it? How to decide which activity? Too many questions.

What is your view of it? Let me make it simple. One activity beyond your work/business etc.

- Now tell me what do you think of this idea?

- If you think this makes sense then how would you go about deciding which activity to pick?

- Will it be an additional skill or vocation that can help you earn?

- What will be the criteria to prioritise?

- What will give you the confidence that This is it.

This week I'm looking to you for answers and ideas.

So shoot away your responses!

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