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Quite a touch and go it was today for me to reach the airport! Made it on time.


As is an often heard joke, there needs to be a connecting flight from Bangalore airport to Bangalore city and vice versa.

You'll understand it better if you're from Bangalore.

Since childhood I have been fascinated by Train Stations. And growing up, the airports now.

If Life were a movie then a scene at one of these places certainly will have to be a trailer.

For starter - One can see a sea of people.

A mix of scenes and situations.

One can only sit, observe and wonder what all must be going through people's minds and lives.

Some sporting happy smiles,

Some with glum looks and

Many just indifferent to your existence.

Some sharing their journeys with you and becoming an acquaintance.

Some going for a vacation with their family. Some to meet their family member breathing their last for the final goodbye.

Some late for the flight (yours truly).

Some too early to enjoy the lounge.

Some unbothered about when the flight takes off while

Some eager to be at the Pilot's seat and fly quickly.

Some quite chatty through the journey while some lost in their books or phones.

Some friendly while some judgmental.

Some sleeping their entire journey while some looking for the clouds and the stars.

Some casually waiting to be the last person to board and alight the flight while

Some getting into the serpentine queue to get in and get out.

For some the plans go as expected while for some the journey gets rescheduled or worse cancelled.

In all this chaos, one thing is for sure. Everyone has a story.

A role to play in that scene.

Different characters, for different situations.

Big or small.

But a role to play.

Whatever be the situation, the role has to be played.

The journey to be made.

Just like Life.

Myriad emotions.

Myriad journeys.

Myriad experiences.

Different but same. In a way!


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