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Pendulum !

Nostalgia is underrated!

Today, I'm in a major throwback mood!

I mean I just posted a 9 year old photo from my Barcelona trip on Instagram.

(You got to post on insta once in awhile, else people don't believe in your existence).

Having said that, we dwindle between our pasts and our future. Between feelings of bittersweet memories to excitingly stressful days to come. Between what was to what we want it to be. Between who we were to who we want to be. The pendulum swings!

But you'd notice one thing for sure, your future worries overpower your past! Anyday, anytime! I have lived for 36 years, I guess I have lived a life longer than I would if I start the count from today, and yet it's the future which takes most of my mind space.

Nostalgia, that's why I feel, is truly underrated!

Let me know if it doesn't happen to you.

But today my nostalgia rules and here I'm manifesting a beautiful long trip to Italy or Spain this year courtesy my nostalgia. I Manifest a beautiful 2023!

I encourage you to go back and open those hidden doors of your past and revisit it with love and joy, share those moments with your people, relive those days with your close ones but don't stay back there!

Come as you're to the present and have a lovely weekend!

And do share what you want to manifest in 2023! Let's collectively make it happen! Let the universe do it's magic!

The beautiful Capri in the background!

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