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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Starting something new is so difficult. Somehow, I have felt restarting something that you used to do after a long time is even more difficult for me.

Let me give you the context. I just did my first gig in ages. This was last Sunday at a prominent pub in Bangalore.

Before that, I was part of a band in Mumbai. And the last gig I did was almost 5 years back!

And this happened all of a sudden. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine introduced me to a group that manages artists and helps them collaborate on music. They messaged me Friday night saying Gig on Sunday. Jam session on Saturday. I thought Woah, okay!!

And before I knew it they had a poster designed which had my name along with two other artists and shared it on social media. This got reshared by the social media handle of that pub.

Performing in front of a crowd is not new to me. I first started performing in front of  300-400+ crowd when I was 12. And have given many performances.

But there are always demons in the mind when you have not done something for the last few years, when you have to restart something.

I thought to myself. Should I tell them I’m unwell (which I was! Had a bad cold and sore throat). Should I tell them I’m not ready. Should I ask them to excuse me this time and call me for the next gig when I’m sufficiently confident of performing.

I was scared. What if I don’t perform well? Have always been a lead singer, what if I let down my fellow artists?

But then there is this voice that tells you “You know what, just take it. Such opportunities don’t come often. You are performing after 5 years. It’s okay to be rusty. It’s more important to do it

And I did it. I am very happy that I did it. I wanted to face my fears. And I did it. Jammed for 2 hours and performed more than 10+ songs! I did it.

I learnt few important things from this experience.

  1. You are never ready. When you get an opportunity, You grab it and make it happen

  2. Wasn’t the lead singer. Was supposed to be support vocals to sing 5-6 songs. I was just fine. It’s important to know your role and be comfortable with it.

  3. I wasn’t my best self. But I restarted this journey and I know I will get back to being in the zone I used to be.

  4. I hadn’t practice over so many years. Hard work & practice > Talent

  5. Fallback on your best friends to get energy and encouragement. They will never let you down

  6. Above all, Mindset is more important than anything else. Even for a singer.

  7. Never too late to restart.

You too can go back to your old hobby and restart it. There is immense joy in doing. Just grab the opportunity. Just do it.

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