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Slow is Fast!

This new year hasnt really started the way I would have wanted it to. But when does it ever happen as we want it to!

I injured my back last Sunday and have been on painkillers and bed rest in the first week of the New Year. Well, another week of rest (if we can call that) over and above the year end break.

To be honest, it's a little annoying to have a constant niggle which makes it tough for you to operate at 100%. In one of my conversations with a leader, they brought out this beautiful point, saying how this is nature's way of telling you to slow down before you can go on full throttle. I mean it's a great way to look at how to lead our life.

I remembered this quote, "Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast". I had written about it earlier as well on this. I guess life is about picking those moments where we go all guns blazing and the rest when we prepare ourselves to go all guns blazing. Maintenance mode is key to living fully.

Last year was crazy. And I don't think I could give myself enough time to recover from the routine, monotony and fatigue. This week is a good reminder to being more attentive to the needs of the mind and the body to be able to function in the zone. Can't take the body for granted. Not 24 anymore :)

Life isn't a 100 mtr race. It's a single player journey with individual aspirations and desires and adventures and destinations. Creating unique memories and moments of joy. To do that, one has to lead an authentic life knowing fully well "what works for me?" And "who am i?" . Being honest about one's reality is an essential part of being authentic. The game is played inside to win outside.

On last week's post, a dear ex-colleague of mine, IS Krishnamurthy, fondly called ISK, shared this beautiful poem with me. It stayed with me and i could so very well relate to the kind of week I've had. I hope you'll appreciate the essence of it.

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