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The Neighbour Frogs

A couple of my friends have moved out of the places (company, city, country) they have been a part for some time now. They were doing well and were comfortable that you won't find a rational reason for this change. And then there are some friends of mine who have stayed wherever they are in spite of not being happy of being where they are. Again, no rational reason for this status quo.

Why do people do things that they do? Such an intriguing thought. No?

Then somewhere I read a story of The Neighbour Frogs.

Here's the story:

'Oh, it would be far too great an effort to uproot myself from the place that I know so well and which I have always called home'

This highlights at least one reason why people stay where they are. They don't want the discomfort of change. They don't want to uproot themselves.

The diagonally opposite reason of this could be the inference that people look for a change because they understand the thrill of uprooting themselves from where they are. They are no big fans of status quo.

This story shows the perils of maintaining status quo. But, there could be similar stories of perils due to embracing change, I guess.

I am not judging either of these behaviours. But I believe it is an important quality to look for in people for sure. And make decisions based on what excites them.

And for people to know what aligns more with them and base their decisions on whether they like comfort or the thrill of change.

Try this with others. And try this with yourself!

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