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The Power of Giving

Every year our entire organisation of 34000+ employees comes together to give back to the society. We call it Global Day Of Service.

We celebrated it yesterday. As part of the Core CSR ERG, I had the fortune to plan activities for this day. One of the activities involved understanding and getting a deeper sense around Disability!

An esteemed individual (haven't taken his permission to quote his name yet, hence remains unnamed) narrated his journey and the journey of many others. It was a one hour session. It just flew by.

He is visual impaired but he painted the story right in front of our eyes. We could visualise it with our closed eyes. Such strong storytelling! He spoke about empathy and how it is such an important aspect of our living. We were spellbound!

I thought to myself: Did I really give or Did I just gain?

And in reality: That's the essence of giving. The more you give, the more you get. 

We received much more than what we could give. A different perspective. A sense of satisfaction. A peaceful sleep.

Not everything can be expressed in words but let me try to do that.

  1. Life is a cycle. We give something to people and we take something from people. One can't measure it.

  2. We can give people much more than just money. Our time. Our ideas. May be sometimes just listen to them.

  3. Giving doesn't reduce us. It enhances what we have.

  4. Giving is contagious. One just needs a push. And it can connect people like nothing else.

  5. There is always a hand seeking help as there is a hand available to help.

  6. Life has given us so much. We need to just see around to feel it.

I had a great week thanks to GDOS! I'm going to have a satisfying weekend too!

I'm sure you do what you can do make our world a better place. Here's a small push to help you stay on the course.

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