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The power of Human connection

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I went to office today for the first time in fourteen months.

Felt like the first day at school!

I hadn't met my colleagues from the time I joined this organisation. Oh and what a pleasant surprise it was to meet the real people whom I've just seen on my laptop screens.

I got to know their stories. Have I not emphasized enough the power of stories?

I just got to know how a colleague wants to retire in a few years and freelance on many things!

Another colleague who was low on confidence got a sense of belonging.

Made me think! Were we born to stay in the room sitting in front of a computer screen for the rest of our lives? Or made to meet and make new friends and learn about their lives?

One of them shared a story of how he met his partner at work and decided to spend his life with her despite the difficulty arising out of being of different religious faiths. The amount of efforts he had to put in convincing all the people (Stakeholders in corporate sense) for it to work. He also shared how he went for a trek for the first time in his life and made it to 21000 ft in his first attempt. I have a new found respect for him.

I guess this wouldn't have happened if we hadn't met. I think I know him and the others a little more now.

Thinking of it, I was in two moods this morning while putting on my office wear if I want to go to work. But thank god I did. Otherwise I wouldn't have known the story behind the names.

I feel socially awkward at times. But not this time. And I'm glad it didn't feel that way.

Just think of it. We have so gotten used to being within our walls but how much we crave for human connections. We try hard to break the routine and lethargy but I guess this is what we were made for. To meet people. To Converse. To ignite passions. To develop bonds. To cement relationships.

I strongly believe this pandemic is not the new normal. It is a new abnormal and I don't wish to legitimise it.

I suggest you to go meet a friend this weekend and have a hearty laugh. Ofcourse, taking all precautions. Mankind has survived for many thousand years and this too shall pass.

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